Bottle Conditions Legend

Older wines often have conditional issues. BPW is committed to providing you extremely accurate information regarding conditions so that you can make informed purchases. This page describes our coding for conditional issues.

Please note: Wines with no comments are considered “excellent/pristine”.

Ullage (Fill Level)
bn bottom neck
hs high shoulder
htms high to mid shoulder
ls low shouder
ms mid shoulder
ts top shoulder
vts very top shoulder
#cm #cm below cork
Label Condition
bsl bin soiled label
gsl glue stained label
ltl lightly torn label
ml missing label
nl nicked label
pml partially missing label
sbsl slightly bin soiled label
scl scuffed label
sscl slightly scuffed label
sstl slightly stained label
stl stained label
swasl slightly water stained label
swisl slightly wine stained label
tl torn label
tsl tissue stained label
wasl water stained label
wisl wine stained label
wrl wrinkled label
Cork and Capsule Conditions
cc corroded capsule
crc crowned capsule
crk cracked wax capsule
ctc cut capsule to reveal vintage
dc depressed cork
mc missing capsule
pc pushed cork
scc slightly corroded capsule
sdc slightly depressed cork
spc slightly pushed cork
trc torn capsule
wrc wrinkled capsule
dcl dark color
exc excellent color
gb gift box
lcl light color
ocb original cardboard case
ofs over-fill seepage
owc original wood case
r-c re-conditioned at the chateau
sos signs of past seepage
ssos slight signs of past seepage