Are you a store open to the public?

We are NOT a brick-and-mortar wine shop, no. We are a small office and a BIG warehouse full of nice cool wine. We maintain typical office hours, generally, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. “Visits” can be requested and scheduled, and we do allow pickups if you are in our area. Please contact us directly to do this, preferably via email.

How do I contact you?

We’re in Napa Valley.
View our contact info.

Explain why you have “In Transit” and “Pre-arrival wines. What does that mean?

Sure. Most of the wines we have are In Stock. But we buy wine in Europe a lot, and we also buy wine that may take a bit of time to get here. We sell them now, and when they arrive, we let you know and ask if you’d like us to ship. It’s like buying a plane ticket – if you see what you want at a price you like, you buy it now, to lock it in. We often get amazing deals, and to lock in what you want, you need it buy it now. We do our absolute best to get it here ASAP, and we list the expected dates as much as possible.

In stock: This denotes a wine that is physically in our Napa warehouse, ready at a moments notice for shipping or pickup.

In Transit: This denotes wines that has been purchased (locally, e.g. from a winery) and is arriving within a short time frame, typically 1-3 weeks. Expected dates are noted on the website.

Pre-arrival: This typically denotes a wine we have purchased from EUROPE and is on the way to us, via air or sea. We always make a point to give you our best estimate of arrival time in the wine description. It may, rarely, denote wines that are “readily available” from our local distributors/brokers/wineries. For questions regarding timing of “Pre-arrival” wines, please email Coral Mika at

How do I use credits?

If you have available credits, they will be automatically deducted at the time of your next online purchase.

How long before I receive my wine?

Typically, an in stock wine order ships within 1-3 business days. If your order isn't received in 7 business days (10 days for the East Coast using ground), please email us. In the summer months (typically June through October) we will hold your order until the temperatures have lowered to a safe shipping temperature. This is for your benefit and the integrity of your wine! Heat is wine's worst enemy. We'll also hold orders in the Winter, when temps are extreme in certain parts of the country. Freezing wine is bad too!

I want you to ship my wine ground mid-July in a heat wave. Can you?

The customer is always right! Right? Well, this one has some conditions. Once the wine leaves the warehouse we aren't responsible for it in any way though. You must understand, if we don't recommend shipping because of a weather issue, there's a good reason. Because there's a mighty good chance your wine will have popped corks, leakage, and major heat damage.We will hold for free all until the weather cools (typically our heat holds run from June to early October).

The wine that I want to order is no longer on the website. It sold out! How do I order it?

Unfortunately you can't. When it's gone, it's gone. We buy what we can, and if it sells out, that’s often it. But we very often get the same wines over and over, so let us know what you're looking for.

I want to order over the phone or through email. Can I?

Yes, but we really recommend using the site first. The main reason is 1) you have a better chance of getting what you want before someone else does, especially if it is a really “hot” wine that is going fast. We often get emails stacking up and phone calls jam the lines, so doing it yourself is fastest!! 2) you can update your info if it changes --- credit cards, addresses, etc. If we do it, we just use whatever you have in your account, and that may have changed.

It is too hot or too cold to ship now but I want to buy something will you hold it?

We will hold your order for up to six (6) months if the weather is not ideal. In the summer months, we can offer refrigerated shipping at a discounted rate. Email us for details.

How do I return a defective product?

Just email us! We stand behind every bottle we sell; and we know that sometimes you can get a bad bottle (just like with a dozen eggs or a dozen oysters, right?). If you feel you have a bad bottle, please let us know via email. We'll take care of it for you.

Can you ship using a faster method?

Yes. We can also offer Overnight Shipping and 2 Day Air at reduced costs. Wine is heavy and the cost to ship faster is expensive, but as always we will quote you the lowest price we can.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes. International shipments depend on the country – for example Hong Kong and Japan are inexpensive and fast, while shipping to France requires a LOT more work plus tax and duty have to be figured in. But we can do it, generally, just ask us.

Do you insure your shipments?

You have the option upon checkout to insure your package. It will cost you 1% of the purchase price for full insurance.

What if the shipment is lost or damaged?

Email us. We will fix it for you, to your satisfaction.

What payment options do I have?

You can pay using Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.
We DO NOT accept checks or money orders.

Can I send my order as a gift?

Of course. Who doesn't like wine as a gift? Just let us know in the Gift Message section at Checkout, and we'll include a card and make sure NOT to include pricing on the packing slip.